January 2021

The Word of the Month is ACTIVATE, which means to make active or more active, which is what we want you to do for your health and wellness!

January is the month of new years resolutions!  Everyone sets their goals to move more and get in shape only to let that goal lapse by February!  This year let's work on the tools necessary to make those goals more achievable!  

The main way to do this is setting realistic goals for yourself.  Break everything down in the small steps that will make the end goal more attainable.



Compile a list of goals that your would like to achieve.  Keep them simple but put some time into this process. Finally, decide on the top two or three.  This is to ensure that you don't overwhelm yourself.


Once you have chosen your goals carefully, establish a timeline for the completion of the goals.  Be realistic and don't rush the timeline.  Estabilsh a system of checks and balances to hold yourself accountable and stay on track!


Work on achieving your goals by changing habits.  Most research says it take 21 days to alter a habit in your life.  Start small and break it down into steps.  Set yourself up for small victories as they will help keep you going!


Dr. Nick is here to help you achieve your goals.  Whether it is coaching, nutrition advice, or adjustments from an increase in activity or movement, help is available!