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Hey Cope Family… The Cope Wellness Team is pleased to announce the launch of the Wellness Corner!

This new online site contains a catalog of information on:

  • Proper wellness equipment use

  • Stretching

  • Exercise 

  • Nutrition 

  • Etc...

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The full database will take some time to complete, so make sure to check back often for new resources.

We have also launched a physical "Wellness Corner" located in the corner of the lunchroom @ Corporate.  Currently, you will find a Medical Scale, Blood Pressure Machine and Fingertip Pulse Oximeter.  This will allow employees to get baseline readings of their vital signs on-site.

New pieces of Therapy and Stretching Equipment are now ready for use as well!  These include: Theragun (percussion massager), Vertiball (trigger point therapy), and Stick Mobility (stretching sticks).


Our goal is to help everyone feel their absolute best throughout the workday.


We plan to expand to the branches in the coming months as well!

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